is Daylight Savings fecking with your timezone?

Its my favourite week of the year – the one between when daylight savings used to end and where it does end (this year). The first such week that occurred after I joined Microsoft back in 1996 nearly sent me ’round the twist – you see, Adelaide was one of the first places to fiddle with daylight savings for the F1 Grand Prix. I have enjoyed watching the mayhem ever since. This post will document my fun this year:

BTW – I did try to convince various teams in MSFT to put this changing information somwhere in ‘the cloud’ rather than hard-coded on every single device – pfft.

Friday31st Mar

Had dinner with Murph from Motorola – scheduling havoc for this global company.  Having written much date handling code himself, Murph smiled wryly at combinations and permutations like ‘all day recurring appointments made in the week from hell’.  Ha.

Thursday 30th Mar

Joe Cincotta calls it ‘Timezone Insanity‘.

Tuesday 28th Mar

A happy co-incidence. Bumped into Kristine and Dean from Planet software at a coffee shop in Melbourne street. Every year they get lots of traffic to THIS PAGE on their website ;-)

Daniel chimes in with his view on point2share!

Monday 27th Mar

BoingBoing – check this link via Cory Doctorow! – these guys need to get Dean’s little fixit utility from

Here’s another one – from Fergie this time.

Cam gets bitten – see his post Windows Mobile ruins another day

Having coffee with old schoolmate shorty who says he has set his PC clock twice today. Keeps moving back 1 hr.

Sunday 27th Mar
Telstra Bigpond’s telemetry service for the Clipsal500 not working. Sysop in the chat says its because of unusual replication traffic because of a daylight savings issue. (Now we know what that would mean dont we!!)

Dec 2005
My buddy Danmc points out the patch that everybody needs to apply to every device before the change!

Australian Daylight Savings Changes for Microsoft Products for the Year 2006

The Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held during March 2006 in Melbourne Australia. Several Australian states including New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania, have changed the Daylight Savings transition end dates to the first Sunday of Apr 2006.

Source: familyid=dda845de-9d70-487c-8f7c-093d4dfd1899&displaylang=en

A pocketPC perspective:,44773

Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog

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3 Responses to is Daylight Savings fecking with your timezone?

  1. Joe Cincotta says:

    Hey! Thanks for reading the blog. And yes, my timezones were rather well fecked with…

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