Aim of my first week in Blogosphere

THIS WEEKS BLOGS are in prep for a Friday Lunch ‘brown bag’ for the Adelaide Branch of Microsoft.  The aim is to show the team what is interesting about blogging in general and podcasting in particular.  My aim is to get even more of my local comrades onto the pod by collecting and conveniently summarizing good quality information to help them get started (without having wade through the treacle of mediocrity out in there).

So if you have any potent insights or helpful suggestions contribute them now!

Mike Seyfang


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One Response to Aim of my first week in Blogosphere

  1. William says:

    Mike, a worthy start would be to go through what Robert Scoble has filtered through in his daily reads. (Eg: His posts to his linksblog: there is a highlight of all the good stuff in there, what is good may differ for different individuals.So there may be other good useful stuff out there too!

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