TabletPC Photos

Geeky stuff to do with a TabletPC – attach cheapo USB GPS, add to Microsoft Streets & Trips for navigation and recording a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’.  Very interesting walk down memory lane after your trip is over…

So, I just completed a world tour with some very interesting travelling companions!  As well as crashing the CES Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, visiting Microsoft campus in Redmond, we immersed ourselves in all manner of tech gadgets (more on those later).  But for this post consider the following:

Take One Toshi Tablet PC.

Add Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS

Attach GPS via USB, rent car with sunroof and go cruising!!

Night before trip – plan destinations and route on tablet pc internet connected.  In car use Tablet pc for navigation, remember to leave ‘breadcrumb’ trail.

The attached photos show: the tablet + gps, a breadcrumb trail (where I took a piss on way to vancouver – us aussies think snow and frozen lakes are interesting), what happens when you slam your tablet in the door without closing first!! ouch




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