HowTo: Start consuming Blogs-n-PodCasts

Here are my tips for those impatient to start, and unwilling to wade thru the treacle of confusing options:

1. Download an RSS aggregator like NewsGator for Outlook, install it and subscribe to at least half a dozen feeds including: mine, gdayworld podcast, wired

2. Graze thru the ‘unread’ items and read one or two that take your fancy each day.  Make sure all others are marked as unread so you dont look twice at crap

3. Find some way to get at least one or two interesting .mp3 files from podCasts onto a portable player and listen to one of them while you do something you enjoy, preferably outside (e.g. water the lawn).  I would start with frank arrigo interview from gday world, an episode of Dr Karl from triplej or maybe something short like an interview with spike milligan or a song from indyfeed.

4. Figure out how to ‘go the last mile’ and get .mp3 files delivered as they appear in your collection of rss feeds, seamlessly to your portable player.  When you have listened to each .mp3 it will be automatically marked as ‘read’ and removed from your ‘new stuff’ playlist.  Hint: this is trivial with a mac and an iPod – thats why its called ‘podcasting’ and claims to be new even tho ham radio dudes have been sending .mp3 files round for years.

Other helpful tips at:

PodCast definition (wiki), Frank Arrigos tips on my very own blog.


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One Response to HowTo: Start consuming Blogs-n-PodCasts

  1. Mike says:

    Mike, this looks interesting,guid,88b882ce-dcad-4311-af2d-15732ba01292.aspxtitle is: How to Autosync podcasts in WMP10Why complicate your life with an ipod 🙂

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