Cam’s 2001 vidCast

Way back in 2001 Cameron Reilly from gdayworld was vidcasting and didn’t even know it.  His ‘perpetual tornada’ talk to South Australian CIOs in 2001 has been used many times by those crazy Microsoft folk in Adelaide.

This led the way to three years of InnovationCentre projects being recorded, sliced into navigable chapters, encoded and trussed up for video streaming from the InnovationCentre website.


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One Response to Cam’s 2001 vidCast

  1. cameronreilly says:

    bwaahahahaha. Man, I can’t believe you dug this up! At least you didn’t post the video. I was about 25 kg heavier back then! Thanks for the memories. Funnily enough, my manager at MSFT at the time of the vidcasting wanted me hung drawn and quartered for doing that presentation. He ended up being my manager again last year and systematically took all the fun out of working at MSFT so I quit. And it was the best thing I ever did! Life’s never been better so… thanks Brian. 🙂

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