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East End Exchange – ROckEd by the Milton Experiance

Proud dad speaking: ‘Tonight my son’s band (The Milton Experiance) played their first real pub gig’ !  The east end exchange, supporting those mighty young punks – Bad Taste.  I might be biased but the little buggers rocked.  After a … Continue reading

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Magnificent Blue TIT!

We just spent Easter at our friends new place near Port Elliott.  It needs to be seen to be believed.  If you are nice to me I might just put you in touch with Steve who might just let you … Continue reading

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Sorry if UR trying to contact me (gee its quiet out here!!)

Dear Friends, I can’t believe how ‘spooky quiet’ life is without a proper inbox or mobile phone.  In one sense it is nice (and good for my shattered brian) but in another sense it is really hard work trying to … Continue reading

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Munge Report – 3 week blog stats

Here are some stats from the short (3 week) life of this little blog of mine that will hopefully amuse the Munge Brothers!  2050 – Visits to blog 200 – Max page views per day #1 – google search ‘seyfang’ … Continue reading

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WrapUp – the last 3 weeks

Well team, its been four days since Ive been online (and I still dont have a mobile!).  Feels kinda wierd but I badly need to wind down a bit.  Thanks SO MUCH to all who supported my little blogging experiment … Continue reading

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Reality (time) Blog – mike’s last day

It will soon be my last day at Microsoft.  I plan to update this blog with photos and lines from the day. Up early, Jemma to school, Jamie (crook) off to nana’s with Maggie the vunder-hound. RickClise has written something … Continue reading

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Graham wont TOUCH Mike’s Last Day…

Mr ‘Zero Touch’ Graham Rock is taking a very hands off approach to my final day celebrations.  That means we can post what ever we like about him and he has no right of reply… Yeah baby – I feel … Continue reading

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Brush with Bill

Those of you who are reading this because of Nigel’s kind ‘Mike Seyfang moves on…’ e/mail will be asking ‘So what was Bill’s Comment?’ My answer just goes to show how shonky memory is for remembering things – as Dr. … Continue reading

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Learndog – where is Mike going?

At the moment its not much more than a dream – with a website, mail address and picture of a dog!  My role will be to flesh out the vision behind this dream and work with some very smart people … Continue reading

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Pat Helland Tribute

A small bunch of Microsoftees tucked away in a tiny part of the land of OZ will sorely miss one of their finest sources of inspiration – Mr Pat Helland.  Having the privelige to hear Pat on several occasions, in … Continue reading

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