Immanuel College Septet – Smokin guitar solo!

Punters at yesterday’s food and wine festival at Henley Square got more than they bargained for during a blazing’ guitar solo by ‘smokin’ Jamie Seyfang.  In fact, there was so much smoke that the Immanuel College Jazz Septet and audience had to head to the jetty for some fresh air!

Other than that it was a splendid gig thanks to great weather, fabulous sound guys, and the tireless efforts of ‘Mr K’ and the school music staff.  The audio you are listening to was recorded on my iRiver ifp880.  Click HERE FOR MP3 files from this and other fun gigs (they are in the ‘listen’ folder).

For more audio from this and other gigs by the kids from Immanuel – hassle the Cam and the guys from the ThePodcastNetwork about a show on their network.



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One Response to Immanuel College Septet – Smokin guitar solo!

  1. Unknown says:

    having skimmed over your blogs, i think ur occupation whether true or not suits u… ur like a nerdy computer geek, and it deeply disturbs me! yet u’ve tried to make up for it with ur "beard" which is not at all good looking and would scare most ppl away!

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