mikese ‘The Fang’ leaves Microsoft

mikese ‘The Fang’ leaves Microsoft

Yes folks, you heard it here first – after 25years in the I.T. industry it is time for this grumpy old bugger to move on. 

No, there is nothing sinister to bitch about, the last 8.75years with Microsoft have been extremely good for me (even the small no fun patches).  That’s why I’m talking about this while I’m still here – I want YOU to help me celebrate my last days at Microsoft.

Here’s how YOU can help – point your ‘RSS Reader’ at my feed.  Check out any of my posts that interest you and leave comments please.  If you blog, link to me!  In any case, if you have any electronically shareable memorabilia I could collect (and I love autographs) please share them with me.  If anyone has any bright ideas on how I can collect autographs in the ‘BlogoSphere’ please share em via comment to this post.

So, where am I going?  What will I be doing?? How can we stay in touch???


Mike Seyfang – ‘Teh Fang’ (sic)


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6 Responses to mikese ‘The Fang’ leaves Microsoft

  1. cameronreilly says:

    congrats mate! Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll kick ass. Ex-Microsoft people are the best fun to hang around, all that pent up creativity has to be let out! Can’t wait to follow your news. I’m subbed to yr RSS!

  2. Unknown says:

    Well, well. You lasted a long time dude. Enough time for the chips to ripen.If you find a life outside this crazy IT industry — please telex us poor souls still on the inside so we have a vision of our futures, unwired.This Munge Brother is around for counselling at any time.

  3. Unknown says:

    Well done, Uncle Mike!Right with you, champ.

  4. Unknown says:

    Analysing Uncle Mike at http://www.nickhodge.com/

  5. Shane says:

    Needed more time with the ol’ Axe eh??? I understand…Nice effort buddy!Enjoy…

  6. Ian says:

    Question – can you spot a pattern here? The 1st person in MS-Adelaide left (RickCl) then your’s truly (the 2nd member) and now the 3rd fella! Chris, is there something you want to share? Nah!(Actually, there was another one before Rick, but that would spoil a good pattern).It’s been 4 years since I left, but if I remember, once you got over the silence without a mobile, it’s pretty cool (even if it is without free product shirts and as much exploding beta software as you could tolerate).See ya for lunch Mike (read your email).

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