Brush with Bill

Those of you who are reading this because of Nigel’s kind ‘Mike Seyfang moves on…’ e/mail will be asking ‘So what was Bill’s Comment?’

My answer just goes to show how shonky memory is for remembering things – as Dr. Karl says ‘write it down’.  My recollection is ‘ … just been to see our friends in Cupertino’.  Friends I have spoken with recently agree on the ‘friends in Cupertino’  bit, but the words before/after seem to be lost forever.  Funnily, I can visualise the Apple top I was wearing – a black collared windcheater from an earlier Apple Developers Conference held in Adelaide.

So, while my mind is on the subject and still contains some fragments of information I thought I would document what I can remember about my other ‘brushes with Bill’.

The most recent was behind the scenes at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.  My travelling companions and I hooked up with a Microsoftee from South Australia who was behind the scenes for the digital camera piece of Bill’s keynote.  There is quite a story to tell about the ‘pre-loaded’ pictures (will see if we can get Dave to talk/write about that later) and, of course the much blogged about demo jitters.

More significant are the links with South Australia:

– NineMSN hosted in Adelaide, South Australia as discussed by Frank Arrigo in his infamous podcast.

– References to South Australian Government applications built on Exchange (SAGEMS) in his book [page xxx]

– Our very first intern – Daniel McPherson who was presented an award by Bill.

– A certain individual in the ‘on-stage’ photo with Bill.


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