Reality (time) Blog – mike’s last day

It will soon be my last day at Microsoft.  I plan to update this blog with photos and lines from the day.

Up early, Jemma to school, Jamie (crook) off to nana’s with Maggie the vunder-hound.

RickClise has written something nice about me at:

Caught the tram to work (might have a drinkie poos and no way to claim a taxi these days!) needed to write my final ‘ESC Internal’ blog on the tram, the buggers wouldnt let me push the seat in front forward so I could type proper.  (That’s why it reads so scrambled Nigel/Andy)

Bugger! – just realised I left the camera home, will have less pictures O the day than I had hoped.

First beer at noon, went to bank, spoke to Cam got cash, took last call from Mr John Maunder.

Photos of the shite I need to return.

Touching award ceremony – Andys slide show stuffed up twice: Audio wouldnt work and some TVcommercials just popped in.  Touching plaque with ‘SHART’… and Lovely Photo Plate.  And this excellent DragonFly sculpture – see piccie.  QUICK – off to lunch now.

Fine lunch in the sun at Regattas, nice bin389 + peter Lehmann shiraz (sorry whoever is paying).  Cupla pix but not very visual.  Back at office at 5.14 to make last post from work and to nuke the laptop.


p.s. To the spotters at Dragonfly software – well picked up.  Top Marks.

p.s.s. Andy sent some more pictures from the lunch but i am having trouble downloading them.  Sorry


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4 Responses to Reality (time) Blog – mike’s last day

  1. Tess says:

    good job 😛

  2. Mike says:

    Congratulations Mike youve finally made it. Its been an absolute pleasure working with you here at MS and I will miss our (friendly) arguments. All the best with the new venture – i know it will be a big hit.Cheers….Mike

  3. Shane says:

    Everyone at the Dragonfly Software office thinks the sculpture is mighty fine…Best wishes for all of us here!

  4. Unknown says:

    Welcome to the outside.

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