Sorry if UR trying to contact me (gee its quiet out here!!)

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe how ‘spooky quiet’ life is without a proper inbox or mobile phone.  In one sense it is nice (and good for my shattered brian) but in another sense it is really hard work trying to catch the people I want to catch.

So if I have promised to catch you and missed – SORRY.  Things will stay this way until at least the week after easter when I build myself a machine that can get mail properly and think about the phone thing. 

Love and kisses – fang.

Mike Seyfang


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2 Responses to Sorry if UR trying to contact me (gee its quiet out here!!)

  1. Christopher Blake says:

    The Piss is in the Pool.. Repeat.. The Piss is in the Pool……. (How’s that for a secret decoded message)..As if you care mate……. So.. no phone… no SMS’s… No worries……. Keep it up Fang…

  2. Unknown says:

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