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LearnDog, PodCasting and Sponsorship

WOW this PodCasting stuff is powerful.  Last night Mandy was having a drink in a pub with a colleague who mentioned they heard Jemma talking about LearnDog on the radio!  Confused? Check out this post to the LearnDog blog.

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Anzac Day [beer at the hilton RSL]

Yesterday I had a very moving experience that every Aussie should take the time to have once in their life.  Mandy, Jemma and I went to check out my mate Dave the drummer’s band at the hilton RSL in Adelaide … Continue reading

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LearnDog and Tuesday’s Australian (today)

LearnDog in Tuesday’s Australian The I.T. section of Tuesday’s Australian for today (April 26, 2005) ran a small piece on LearnDog in the ‘ambition’ column.  They didn’t run with my suggested ‘Fang teaches new dog old tricks’ headline (sorry uncle … Continue reading

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I hate oceans

Feeling a bit like marvin the robot this week.  Nothing much to say, everything is too hard.  If you are lucky I might blog about the MP3 hat I made in the laboratory.  

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lunch with Chris Finnen

Today the Seyfang family and The Milton Experiance had a very LearnDog type of a day…  We were able to showcase and sharpen our vocational skills (music) thanks to the generous spirit of Chris Finnen – Adellaide based guitar guru. … Continue reading

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LearnDog and PodCasting in Adelaide Review!!

Check out the post to the new LearnDog blog (accessible from the LearnDog website). Our very first ‘real press’ for LearnDog – and we haven’t even launched yet.

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Engadget discovers iPot – Talking about Cam’s 2001 vidCast

Strewth!!  I nearly choked when I saw this engadget ‘discovery’ – something Cameron Reilly described as an act of ‘paradigm violence’ (along with napster and CYBIKO) way back in 2001.  Jumping to the ‘iPot’ slide of his ‘vidcast’ through a SharePoint … Continue reading

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