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LearnDog, PodCasting and Sponsorship

WOW this PodCasting stuff is powerful.  Last night Mandy was having a drink in a pub with a colleague who mentioned they heard Jemma talking about LearnDog on the radio!  Confused? Check out this post to the LearnDog blog.

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Anzac Day [beer at the hilton RSL]

Yesterday I had a very moving experience that every Aussie should take the time to have once in their life.  Mandy, Jemma and I went to check out my mate Dave the drummer’s band at the hilton RSL in Adelaide … Continue reading

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LearnDog and Tuesday’s Australian (today)

LearnDog in Tuesday’s Australian The I.T. section of Tuesday’s Australian for today (April 26, 2005) ran a small piece on LearnDog in the ‘ambition’ column.  They didn’t run with my suggested ‘Fang teaches new dog old tricks’ headline (sorry uncle … Continue reading

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I hate oceans

Feeling a bit like marvin the robot this week.  Nothing much to say, everything is too hard.  If you are lucky I might blog about the MP3 hat I made in the laboratory.  

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lunch with Chris Finnen

Today the Seyfang family and The Milton Experiance had a very LearnDog type of a day…  We were able to showcase and sharpen our vocational skills (music) thanks to the generous spirit of Chris Finnen – Adellaide based guitar guru. … Continue reading

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LearnDog and PodCasting in Adelaide Review!!

Check out the post to the new LearnDog blog (accessible from the LearnDog website). Our very first ‘real press’ for LearnDog – and we haven’t even launched yet.

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Engadget discovers iPot – Talking about Cam’s 2001 vidCast

Strewth!!  I nearly choked when I saw this engadget ‘discovery’ – something Cameron Reilly described as an act of ‘paradigm violence’ (along with napster and CYBIKO) way back in 2001.  Jumping to the ‘iPot’ slide of his ‘vidcast’ through a SharePoint … Continue reading

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Talking about andy Working in Fiji!

My good friend Andy Delin from Microsoft has been working in fiji!  I’d like to have his frequent flyer points on the work he has done since Christmas.  Anyways wander over and have a read about the trip and look … Continue reading

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DOSBOX (re)Visited – Sound Seeing Tour

On Monday (April 11, 2005) Shorty and I went over to Yorke Peninsula to check his farm and visit our old school-mate Craig.  Craig’s farm is near Dowlingville, the scene of the proposed DOSBOX explosion in 1996.  When I was … Continue reading

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DOSBOX the Movie – check this mungefans!

Hey I just found some old footage of the beloved DOS BOX!  Have put it HERE for your viewing pleasure. This was filmed just before I started at Microsoft – the plan was to ‘destroy’ the DOS BOX by driving … Continue reading

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