Talking about blakey talking about me!

Well blow me down – me old mate blakey figured out how to trackback in MSN spaces.

I suspect he used the ‘blog it’ button while logged on to passport, just like I did to create this entry.  Nice work Blakey.



Talking about East End Exchange – ROckEd by the Milton Experiance


East End Exchange – ROckEd by the Milton Experiance

Straight from the Seyfang BLOG…… where his son’s band (The Milton Experiance) played their first real pub gig’ ! 

"The east end exchange, supporting those mighty young punks – Bad Taste.  I might be biased but the little buggers rocked. 

After a few PA hassles, the lads got off to a strong start with the first instrumental bracket, unleashed the vocals for the first time ever, survived a few gadget horrors + broken strings, then recovered nicely for a strong finish.

Check search for ‘milton’ for better songs and info.

I have some photos, good audio, video and a little podcast style interview of the band members and audience before and after.  Will throw some piccies and maybe a song or 2 up tonight and mix a little video clip over the weekend.  Who knows, I may even start my own podcast and let you hear this and other gigs I have recorded."

Check out mikes site…. well worth it!



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