Cam bitten by LearnDog as Petre dishes out guilt!

Sorry for the corny ‘headline’ – I thought I was a newspaper editor for a minute there.

The minute I discovered PodCasting (and subsequently blogging) I knew there was great potential to do good by giving voice to people who tend to feel they have none (ie geeks like me and my work-mates).  This is something my lovely wife Mandy has been helping people with for years without fancy technology – it just took me about 25 years to work it out for myself!

Today Cameron Reilly (Executive Producer & Co-Founder of  ThePodcastNetwork) joined many dots in his blog "Giving Away 10%".

Cam refers to Daniel Petre, who, wrote an opinion piece chastising Australia’s wealthiest people on not being more generous with their wealth. He suggests that they should give away at least 10% of their net worth. 

While this may ‘guilt’ a few very wealthy people into looking a philanthropy (which would be most excellent by the way), I would like to issue a challenge to those of us who are ‘time rich’ (and still incredibly wealthy by world standards).  Lets think about how we can use our resources to make the world a better place by getting involved in things we care about using the emerging technology climate we seem to thrive in.

That’s what I hope LearnDog will figure out – how to channel these great resources so kids can have more of a voice.  Consider this a shameless plug for any assistance you can offer. 

Cam, I think this is more than a coincidence – its more like an infection!  Although I have never met Daniel Petre, his legacy was alive and well when I was at Microsoft.  I felt inspired by his example to strive for work/life balance.  It might have taken eight years and a near fatal accident, but in my last year at Microsoft I developed the networks, confidence and vision that will hopefully find form in LearnDog.



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One Response to Cam bitten by LearnDog as Petre dishes out guilt!

  1. cameronreilly says:

    I met Daniel a couple of times when he was at PBL. He’s a forceful guy who doesn’t take no as an answer in a negotiation. :-)I didn’t work with him at MS but I know lots of guys who did and they always spoke bery highly of him.

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