Had a surprise visit from a very dear friend, luddite, and someone who’s opinions on my obsession of the day I really value.  Having listened to my rave about blogging he went home, did some research and found THIS as his first encounter with the blog-o-sphere!

Here is an excerpt from Nick’s mail:

Dear Mike

Having had to expose myself to "blogging" to find out what you’re up to, I have  come across some pretty ordinary on-line diaries. So I absolutely cacked  myself when I read this "essay" at http://mama.indstate.edu/users/bones/WhyIHateWebLogs.html

I hope you don’t take offence at it, but it is a very funny read. And I must admit I  agree with him for the most part. Maybe he’s been proved wrong by the passage of time and the growth of blogging ……


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One Response to WhyNickMenziesHatesWebLogs

  1. Unknown says:

    Iam with you Nickregards Shorty

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