Missin me MSFT buddies

One down-side of working from home and other cool (non office) places I didn’t anticipate is the lack of ‘corridor conversations’ with dudes like Andy, Graham, Kirk and the rest of the smart folks at Microsoft.  While it probably gave the guys the shits every time I wandered over to their desk and either sprouted my latest whacky idea or picked their brains senseless, I really miss those conversations.  You have no idea how helpful they are in validating and shaping ye olde whacky thoughts.  So cherish and make the most of it while U have it people!

A couple of times now I have wandered up to ‘level 26’ with my noisy wheely-bag ready to say ‘morning denlin’.  Alas my timing has been crap ;-(.  Today, I wandered past the building but didnt feel right about wandering up un-anounced.

Miss U all – wish U were here!

p.s. And most of all I miss blakey!


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One Response to Missin me MSFT buddies

  1. Christopher Blake says:

    Well if he mentioned that he missed me in his text I would invite him up… but……. not!.. ha

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