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Biomimetics – using TRIZ to copy natures innovation

Now here is a great way to spice up your formula for innovation – Biomimetics – the abstraction of good ideas from nature. Even better is Matt’s idea of cloning mechanisms from nature, rather than copying the mechanical engineering principles. … Continue reading

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Gday (iTunes 4.9) World!

I do believe I would be the first person to tune into Gday world podcast from iTunes 4.9! Onya Mick and Cam – remember ME when you are famous.FangMike SeyfangLearnDog UPDATE: kudos to Engadget and MAKE Magazine – that’s where … Continue reading

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gnomedex2005 – on NOT attending the UN-conference

gnomedex2005:LearnDog feedback from Australia – an OZ not attending an un/conference Here is some random feedback on the experience of ‘attending’ gnomedex2005 ‘conference’ from beautiful downtown Adelaide, Australia: It didnt take long to get a sense of community (given that … Continue reading

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Adam Curry’s podcast history from Gnomedex hotel room

If, like me, you are having a virtual Gnomedex this year then don’t forget to add this little podcast to your personal feedlist: This episode of Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code is a piece of history. If you are new … Continue reading

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Watching Gnomedex 5.0 from my brown couch

Watching Gnomedex 5.0 from home is fun, reminds me of the days I used to skip the Microsoft Global Briefings (MGB) in Seattle and catch the audio, slides and demos from home. It’s also a bit like watching a fish … Continue reading

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How EVIL is Microsoft?

Wanna ‘behind the scenes’ look at how the evil empire cleverly hatches plans to crush any innovation in the world? Then you should read the background to this: Today was the kicker: Bram Cohen denouncing Avalanche as "vaporware" (as part … Continue reading

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Andy’s horn feckery

Check this speaker project!!1pRV72pzHktkcUpfy8CdkZ6w!204.entry

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