Hacking my Life and Hardware

I must be spending too much time reading make magazine and engadget. Having spent nearly three months now without a heap of laptops, pda’s and mobile phones has been an interesting experiment in ‘life hacking‘.

Surprising outcomes of this experiment are that I will soon get another mobile phone, the re-combination of hacked hardware will soon be able to yield some really interesting outcomes and the next ‘Bill Gates’ will probably grow an operating system in a bathtub.

If you read some of the more recent LearnDog blog posts on ‘Hackable Hardware‘ and ‘LearnDog barks at Robot PodCast‘ you may see a theme emerging. I’m looking a my lovely VAF kit speakers, thinking about my first ‘whitebox robot’ and dreaming schemes of making a really interesting media centre that follows me around my house and back-yard (or should I say office).

An even more evil grin works its way across my face as I ponder the possibilities of combining these ideas with my growing knowledge of bio and nano technology. Check my growing list of information sources.


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One Response to Hacking my Life and Hardware

  1. Unknown says:

    Hurry up and get a bloody mobile phone will ya.Don’t stuff around trying to set up an 18 microwave patch through,wav encoded somersault with pike.Just get something we can talk to you onA.

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