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Badens around the bend

Here is a nice piccy of a bend in the river murray. It’s been geotagged so you can work out where it is!

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Robot design by Tony

I wish my fried Tony would publish some of his creative drawings, writings, strummings and ramblings – but alas, he is more even more shy than creative!  Here is one small example – a robot design – absurd! Might have … Continue reading

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Wannabe my Instant Outline buddy?

Hey folks, I’m looking for someone to help me test Dave Winer’s new OPML editor (or TOE – The Opml Editor) as discussed at gnomedex. The public beta (windows) is now available for DOWNLOAD HERE and I want to check … Continue reading

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Rabbit through a garden hose?

Here is a new twist on an old saying of mine… Anyone reading this who has been around long enough to recall the origins of my rant about network design and available bandwidth might find the article linked to above … Continue reading

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Tag Clouds

If esteemed blogging colleagues like frank and mick are writing about Tag Clouds they must be cool. I will set up my own and report back with an update to this blog! UPDATE Here is a cloud that covers all … Continue reading

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IT Conversations

As revealed in his discussion with Cameron Reilly, Doug Kay of IT Conversations is on a mission to bring the audio of lots of seminars like THIS to the world, for free! If the value I have obtained from listening … Continue reading

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Look who’s blogging – JR from OCONICS

Here is a local IT firm to keep yer eyes on – OCONICS. Two of the smarter guys we had the joy of working with at the Innovation Centre have gone into business together. They would be Jonathan Ruckert and … Continue reading

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Listen to the kids at The Gov yesterday

Here is a (3 minute) mix-up of some of the songs played by Jamie’s school bands at The Governor Hindmarsh hotel yesterday arvo. More coming on LearnDog Radio.

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Sneak preview of LDR – LearnDog Radio!

Special sneak peek for you, my beloved subscribers. LDR – LearnDog Radio is about to hit the pod-waves so keep an ear to the ground. If you want a sneak preview then point your pod-catchers at: The first test … Continue reading

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Must Hear episode of g’day world

Just heard a great interview with Doug Kaye on gday world! Have a listen and you will understand more about what I am trying to ‘put back’ with LearnDog and why podcasting is so relevant to that. Great work cam!

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