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Re-mixing the google news

I’ve been amazed at the ‘ultra local’ stuff I have picked up from my customised RSS feed of Google News.  I have created a feed (see geekery below for sickening detail) which picks up google news that contains ‘glenelg’ (where … Continue reading

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Another LearnDogRadio show -> Joint Jazz

Click Here -> LearnDogPup says:   If you arent tuned into learndog radio yet – shame on you!    

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Sailing over Sharks in Adelaide

Ive been windsurfing at Glenelg (Adelaide South Australia) for more years than I care to remember and I’m shit scared of sharks.   Here’s why…   Search resumes for shark attack victim (today) Shark hunted after deadly attack (round christmas)  

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And he sat and he… Talking about Simmons drums!

To the tune of Waltzing Matilda: Andy sat and he shat while he waited till his billy boiled. My Day is complete – Andy’s on the blog again Quote Simmons drums! Recently on the radio I heard Marshall Hain’s (only) … Continue reading

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Nigerian Spam Scam – Spam as Art!

This is priceless – heard it on Ewan’s edinburgh fringe show (14) today!! Do yourself a favour – listen to the show and visit the spamscamscam site today. The Edinburgh Fringe 2005 Show #014 August 22nd, 2005 by Ewan The … Continue reading

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LookWhatIHeard – Show002 mp3 Try for a ‘Podcast Feed’ of this blog Introductions mike seyfang The Milton Experiance – The Governor Hindmarsh, Aug 2005 Hear the boys rock out at their first self organized gig at the … Continue reading

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TechEdAU 2005 PodCasts – Make it real Frank, Mick and Cam (PLEASE)

Frank Arrigo, Mick Stanic, Cameron Reilly – I hope you are listening! If so, listen up and listen good. I can’t afford to go to TechEdAU this year so I am counting on you guys to get real with the … Continue reading

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Third (very special) LearnDog podcast – Buckyballs Downunder by Sir Harry Kroto

Now this one is a cracker! Professor Sir Harry Kroto – Nobel Prize winning chemist whose team discovered Carbon60 – Buckminsterfullerene (or buckyballs). How much fun can an ex IT geek who wants to get into nanotech have in one … Continue reading

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Thirty Thou

This little bloggers garden of mine has just passed the 30k visitors mark! Total page views: 30417 Page views today: 11 Page views this week: 1378 Page views within the last hour: 0

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Nanotubes May Heal Broken Bones [buckyball feckery]

While doing some background research on BuckBalls before I meet sir Harry Kroto I came across this reasonably contemporary piece in wired… See my delicious tags for emerging related info. Nanotubes May Heal Broken Bones: "Carbon nanotubes could buttress brittle … Continue reading

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