Talking about Terror Attacks in London and Ramifications

 Blakey’s post on London Bombings contains a fascinating ‘offical notice’ (sic) – wander over and check out the piccie!


Terror Attacks in London and Ramifications

As I mentioned in an earlier Blog I was unfortunate to be in London during the wave of terror that those idiots have decided to inflict on harmless soft targets in London. As part of the fall out of these attacks an apparently ‘innocent’ individual died after failing to heed Police warnings and stop while being pursued.
Now the Poms are an interesting bunch as I have said before. They will not give into these latest threats and whether it is an outcome of their nature or history who knows.
The following ‘offical’ notice was posted in the Tube station in Nottinghill Gate London. It speaks for itself. (Hope its large enough to read)

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