Joint Jazz at the Cavern Club

Yesterday Jacob and I took the full audio recording setup to the cavern club to record some sessions from ‘Joint Jazz’ organised by music teachers from Immanuel, St Marys and Wesminster. It was a top arvo and fantastic experience for the kids – hats off to all who contributed.

The plan is to create a podcast of the entire day as part of a LearnDog proof of concept. Subscribe to today and stay tuned for this and other interesting audio material from the kids.

As a teaser, here are three songs, one from each school:
Wesminster – BbBlues
St Marys – Mercy Mercy
Immanuel – Chamelion

And for the visually inclined there is a flickr stream here with photos.

Staff band with ben

p.s. For you geeks out there, the photos are geo-tagged:
Download this KML (Google Earth file) that will look for photos wherever you’re zoomed in to and stopped moving. Right click this link, save it, and once you install Google Earth double click it. Then take google earth somewhere near the city of adelaide and watch flickr and google earth do their magic!


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3 Responses to Joint Jazz at the Cavern Club

  1. James says:

    hey its james caldicott from westminster school my friend rob told me about your site. the day was sooo much fun and great playing from the other schools, loved immanuels guitar playing awesome, i thank you for recording the music so i can actually hear what we were playing. thanks again and good playing to all

  2. paul says:

    Fang DUDE looks like u r having a wild TIME, good to cPAK

  3. Fang says:

    Thanks for the comments.James – checkout learndog radio – in a few weeks I hope to post the entire concert so you can listen to all your work.and paks – I dont have access to your site!

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