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A very new, very web2.0 way to handle events (not calendars). Worth a listen. Thanks to Ian for pointing it out.

Opening Move, Brian Dear

First came the blogosphere, then the podosphere, and now, the event sphere is here! Brian Dear is building it at EVDB, the Events and Venues Database. The founder and CEO of EVDB, Brian sat down during Always On 2005: The Innovation Summit at Stanford, to speak with Scott Mace. Learn how to publish events on the EVDB service, how to subscribe to EVDB searches, and more about "simple event sharing." Other topics include iCalendar file support, the hCal microformat, Microsoft’s recent RSS calendar enclosure demo, event orientation vs. calendar orientation, high-fidelity vs. low-fidelity events, synchronizing EVDB info with mobile devices, calconnect.org, individual-to-individual calendar synchronization, event tagging, the Web community’s need for an alias tag, how Meetup’s changes influence EVDB’s business model, and EVMapper, a mashup of EVDB and Google Maps. Interview recorded July 21, 2005

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Brian Dear is founder and CEO of EVDB, Inc., in San Diego, CA. Prior to EVDB, Dear worked at a number of Web companies including eBay (where he was founding Director of eBay Design Labs), Eazel, MP3.com, FlatWorks, and RealNetworks. He was also co-founderand CEO of Coconut Computing, Inc., which built client-server software for building rich multimedia online services prior to the Web.


This program is from the Opening Move series.

For Team ITC:

* Description editor: Scott Mace
* Post-production audio engineer: Gardner Campbell


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