TechEdAU 2005 PodCasts – Make it real Frank, Mick and Cam (PLEASE)

Frank Arrigo, Mick Stanic, Cameron Reilly – I hope you are listening! If so, listen up and listen good.

I can’t afford to go to TechEdAU this year so I am counting on you guys
to get real with the podcasts of the event. Give us some timely audio
of actual presentations – PLEASE! Let me explain why this is so

Gnomedex2005 was awesome – I didn’t get to Gnomedex2005 but I sure as hell tuned into the podcasts and blogs of the event via the Gnomedex2005 tag. It was a great experience – I caught the Microsoft RSS stuff nearly live and Adam Curry’s DSC keynote live.

Microsoft TechEd 2005 was lame – I didn’t get to Teched in the US either, I tuned into everything I could and the experience was completely underwhelming. The ‘podcasts
(dont get me started on a rant about short .wmv video clips) were a
complete tease – no content of any substance at all. The ‘keynote’
‘podcasts’ were nothing but tiny movies of interviews.

Now that ThePodCastNetwork (TPN) are involved there is a real chance us Aussies can show the world how podcasting of an event should be done:

1. Put the RSS feed on the ‘official page’ [even tho tristan’s hack is cwool]
2. ‘Upgrade’ the Technorati TAG to ‘TechEdAU2005’ [avoid the gnomedex gnomedex2005 confusion]
3. Post full audio of actual presentations / keynotes [just some of em, within 24hrs of talk]
4. The .wmv ‘cameos’ are cute but make em useful [see my p.s. on Demo ScreenCasts]

I know its hard work and there will be issues getting ‘approval’ but consider which is the bigger risk:
– Getting busted for doing the right thing
– Dragging ThePodCastNetwork and the entire genre into disrepute

If you really must put .wmv video into ‘podcasts’ then do something
useful – make ‘screencasts’ of the cooler demos done in presentations.
(Get andy delin some BIF and find out how the Innovation Centre used to
do this for every single ‘show and tell’ presentation).


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