Re-mixing the google news

I’ve been amazed at the ‘ultra local’ stuff I have picked up from my customised RSS feed of Google News.  I have created a feed (see geekery below for sickening detail) which picks up google news that contains ‘glenelg’ (where I live) and removes stuff from other glenelgs on the planet.  The results have been quite surprising and interesting:
1. I see stuff here before it gets on local radio, tv or even in the blogosphere
2. It is fun to watch stuff do the rounds of the press
For example, the aussie model with some eccy tabs in Bali has parents from Glenelg North – it popped up in my RSS aggregator before tripleJ got hold of it.
And the South African press is completely obsessed with the local shark attack story.
Its easy to make your own ‘Re-Mix’ of google news – get some ‘advanced search’ terms that return interesting articles, then look  for the RSS / Atom links in the left hand column.  Copy link -> paste into your RSS aggregator and you are away.
– – – – geeky bits – – –
Here is my favourite ‘ultra local’ news feed:

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