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Milton Experiance gets first Airplay (courtesy PMN)

Here’s some recognition for you – the boys from The Milton Experiance have had two of their tunes played on shows from the Podsafe Music Network (PMN). Check the screenshot below for ‘evidence’. The shows are: EdAndIan – first … Continue reading

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Why I wore THAT shirt today!

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Dave meet Andy, Andy meet Dave!

Dave and Andy you guys should ‘hook up’ (or at least subscribe).

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HotLap PodCast?

Had an interesting meeting today with Jon Hart from We were introduced by Apple in the context of PodCasts. Check out these cwool bits of audio!

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LookWhatIHeard – Show004 – Adelaide ReMixed

LookWhatIHeard-Show004 LookWhatIHeard-Show004 LookWhatIHeard – Show004 MP3 Link back to gday world – sir harry During the introduction to this episode (#048) of Gday world – Cam interviews me and makes a reference to Adelaide yet agian. I warn him … Continue reading

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Free as in Freedom (not Free Beer)

I’ve been known have the odd dig at the ‘free-software’ faction of the ‘open-source’ movement from time to time. You know the line ‘there is not much value in free‘… While I maintain this is true in the sense of … Continue reading

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Katrina – podcast caps off my ‘News Remix’ of events

If you have been following my ‘remix‘ of information about the tragic (handling of) events in New Orleans you will have been reading the ‘Interdictor‘ blog.  IT conversations just ‘aired’ a podcast that you will find even more fascinating.

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Microsoft commodotising Mapping platform

Dennis, Declan, make sure you listen to this episode of gday world.  You will get insight into how the big commoditiser steamroller is going to flatten out spatial platforms… Told ya so!

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PDC05 : Nigel gets Scobelized!

Hey – i whinced when I saw my old MSFT buddy Nigel Page get some harsh treatment in the blogosphere. His talk at TechEdAu2005 was poorly summarized then picked up by bloggers. Scoble had a harsh word and Kleefy tried … Continue reading

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Microsoft PDC05 – Shall I send LearnDog?

Looks like Microsoft have put a lot of effort into ‘bloggerizing’ this years PDC in LAX. I will have a bit of a snoop around and let you know if its any good. UPDATE: This post didnt turn up as … Continue reading

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