TechEdAU2005 – Hilites of the view from ClueTrain

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while – wanting to make sure all the goodies from TechEdAU2005 have propagated through the blogosphere. Since I could not get to the event this year, the best I could do was to check the view from the window of the clue train (which passed so close but unfortunately did not stop). I subscribed to every relevant feed, hooverd up the crumbs in technorati, pubsub and feedster, read every single post and downloaded nearly 1/2 at gig of stuff. Below are pointers to the best material for those who couldn’t attend or want to brush up on stuff they missed:

Best Session Content:

Tech.Ed 2005 Media-casts :: Microsoft Virtual Earth…starring Neil Roodyn
Microsoft Virtual Earth – Dr Neil Roodyn (.wmv, 124.6MB, 33min 4sec)

Best RSS Feed:

TPN :: The MS Dev Show

Best PodCast:

Day3: TechEd 2005 Podcasts
‘Hey theres more! Though Im still waiting on the technical ones…heres the ones that are there already though.’ .. (onya Kleefy)

Best ‘near real-time’ information:

teched2005 – Everyone’s Tagged Photos

Kudos to Frank for a great event and helping many of us to ‘clue-in’. Hats off to the team from TPN for the mammoth task of MediaCasting everything they could.


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