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Off to Melbourne

Jumping in the car to head off to Melbourne for a cupla daze.  Hooking up with some of the Web2.0 folk including Cam and James.  Will be nice to meet some people I have been ‘reading’. Advertisements

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how steve gillmor got my ATTENTiON

On a PodCast of course! And the idea has really got my head spinning. The purpose of this post is to collect some of the sources of information I have discovered to date, so I (and you) can re-visit and … Continue reading

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Links are Dead? – I don’t get it

I just don’t understand why the ‘links are dead’ meme is doing the rounds at the moment. Sure the attention.xml stuff is a better way, but for the moment, how are newbies to the blogosphere/podosphere (like myself) supposed to get … Continue reading

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Say Gday to the LifeKludger

Subscribe to this dudes RSS feed today! Tis early days yet, but the LifeKludger community is going to be interesting – especially with YOU in it.

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4wdTour to Aussie Desert

In October, 2005, five boys and five men left Adelaide to tour the great Aussie desert by 4wd.  Much driving was done, fun was had and plans were hatched.  The wholesale meat record label made plans for the MeatStock rock … Continue reading

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I went to Subway, I ate beetroot

During the school holidays, my daughter dragged me into Subway. So, I asked for beetroot and got it!   thanks Dave!   p.s. It was in dry cubic chunks (not juicy round slices). p.s.s. As they say – you can … Continue reading

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(UN) Dancing with Cam at the Copacabana in New York last night – BlogOn2005 Day2

The hilite of day2 of BlogOn2005 was definitely my interaction with Cameron Reilly before and during the session ‘Podcasting:Beyond Radio‘. I decided to stay up all night and catch the live stream of the morning of day2. Just after midnight … Continue reading

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