Blogon2005 – Where are the PodCasts?

OK, Day 1 on Blogon2005 is over and there are a ton of posts out there you can find via this link to community tools. I see there is a live webcast feed
but that doesn’t do much for UN-Conference attendees in my timezone
(Cam’s talk on PodCasting will be 12:45am my time!). Gimme time shifted
audio – gimmme PodCasts, pleez.

If you find any .mp3’s from or about the event please tag e’m:


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2 Responses to Blogon2005 – Where are the PodCasts?

  1. cameronreilly says:

    yeah I’m recording interviews but I won’t be able to post them until I get home next week. John Furrier from podtech is here as the official podcaster. I’ll find out for you where he is posting them.

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