(UN) Dancing with Cam at the Copacabana in New York last night – BlogOn2005 Day2

The hilite of day2 of BlogOn2005 was definitely my interaction with Cameron Reilly before and during the session ‘Podcasting:Beyond Radio‘.

I decided to stay up all night and catch the live stream of the morning of day2.
Just after midnight my time I managed to kludge a half reasonable
connection and settled back to a fairly benign experience of choppy
audio and way too much video. Then I noticed Cam on Instant Messenger
(IM) and pinged him my best wishes for his upcoming session. That’s
when things got interesting, here’s how it looked from my end:

– Cam walks on stage with his tabletPC and a microphone
– Some horrid distorted music ruins his intro remarks (and a shoutout to me I think)
– Icy start, dude on the far left looks uncomfortable
– Cam breaks ice, gets conversation flowing then starts to manage an ‘IM BackChannel’
– Great interaction between some flippant remarks onstage & IM response!
– I clearly detect a smile from Cam as he reads one of my IM responses 😉
– Cam prompts IM BackChannel for real questions
– I prepare my real question, press send and…
– Connection to stream drops out – repeatedly 😦
– Wrestle with connection for next 20mins, miss nearly everything.

Despite the glitches, this was a great experience and provides a
glimpse of how conferences and education are about to change forever.
Good on the conference producers and Cam for having the guts to push
the envelope. If anyone want’s input from an experienced ‘UN-Attender’
let me know, or start a conversation. The top 3 things I would change
for this event would be:

– Same day podcasts of all sessions (more the merrier – aka gnomedex2005)
– Multiple stream options (including audio only and much lower bitrate video options)
– UNConference registration fee (giving direct IM/Phone/eMail connection to resolve issues, enhance experience).

Mike Seyfang – Fang – LearnDog


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4 Responses to (UN) Dancing with Cam at the Copacabana in New York last night – BlogOn2005 Day2

  1. Anthony says:

    Hey Fang,Molly and I had the same issues withe the video and were most disappointed with how the videofeed went. I posted my thoughts on his blog but I was really hoping to see a lot more than I did. Finaly gave up just before the questions from the crowd although I did hear Cam promise to give Buzz $50 for asking about the Motorola deal.Mike Dunn will be hopefully be putting up video and audio of the panel soon as he mentioned on cam’s blog so that will be something to look forward to. I was chatting with Molly on IM as we were watching and were cursing at each other over the dropouts in the feed. Would have been to have been cursing with you also :PAnyways just thought I would let you know you weren’t the only one wait up and see Cam (should we start a fanclub?) and we all disappointed. Talk soonTony

  2. Phillip says:

    Have to say my highlight was the way Cam got the phrase "Adam Curry is a Tool" out by saying to the IM’ers that he wasn’t going to say that.Cam, you are a bloody legend! MollyPS: I was the one that told him he should say that.

  3. Unknown says:

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