Links are Dead? – I don’t get it

I just don’t understand why the ‘links are dead’ meme is doing the
rounds at the moment. Sure the attention.xml stuff is a better way, but
for the moment, how are newbies to the blogosphere/podosphere (like
myself) supposed to get a feel for the impact of their contributions? I
thought I was clever figuring out how to make an rss feed of who is
linking to me and it turns up some interesting things I would never
think to ‘google for’. So Cam (and others) please keep linking to me!

Last night’s dinner: "

a great time last night at the BlogOn cocktails and then afterwards at
the speaker’s dinner. At the dinner Mike Geoghegan introduced me to Steve Gillmor and we had a terrific chat about AttentionXML (which I might even be beginning to understand) and Steve’s current meme ‘links are dead’.
I tend to agree and have noticed that I have stopped putting links into
posts much of the time lately, mostly because I figure that if people
want to know more about someone or something I write about, they can Google it in seconds.
I’ll link to something if it’s a little obscure or if it’s something
that might be a little hard to track down, but usually I can’t be
bothered. Anyway, read more about Steve’s thoughts on links (and his
arguments with Doc) at this link. 🙂

And Steve’s promised to come on G’DAY WORLD to talk about AttentionXML in the near future.



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