how steve gillmor got my ATTENTiON

On a PodCast of course!

And the idea has really got my head
spinning. The purpose of this post is to collect some of the sources of
information I have discovered to date, so I (and you) can re-visit and
develop my (our) thinking. The LearnDog spin on attention will be
recognition – I will try to explain how/why when I get my head around

Which podcasts you ask?

In date order:

The best blog post from Steve Gillmor I could find.

What is the attention trust?

What is attention.xml? says:

Attention.XML is an open standard, built on open source (see
XOXOSampleCode) that helps you keep track of what you’ve read, what
you’re spending time on, and what you should be paying attention to.

Problem Statement
* How many sources of information must you keep up with?
* Tired of clicking the same link from a dozen different blogs?
* RSS readers collect updates, but with so many unread items, how do you know
which to read first?

Attention.XML is designed to to solve these problems and enable a whole new class of blog and feed related applications.


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4 Responses to how steve gillmor got my ATTENTiON

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