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Anniversary tribute to Gday World

So Gday world is one year old – happy AnalVersery from the Fang. Here is a rough as guts little commemorative ditty ‘Sweet Pod in Time’ courtesy of the mystery guest. Gday world is special to me because it is … Continue reading

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Lotus Notes Replication, RSS and OPML – cwool

UPDATE: I told you this was important.  Listen to THIS. Anyone who knows me knows I am a long time fan of the Lotus Notes Replication engine.  Now when Ray Ozzie himself blogs about it in the context of RSS … Continue reading

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Hey [Joe] Cam – Who’s this?

Hey Cameron! So, you think the LongTail bringing back ‘self entertainment’ (ie singing round ye olde piano) is better than the mindless shite on TV? Then listen to this shout out from a mystery guest. Who’s the guest Cam? p.s. … Continue reading

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Little Drummer Boy!

Last nights ‘Twilight Concert’ at Immanuel College was quite a blast – so many kiddies gettin into the groove.  I counted over 15 guitarists in one band alone.  Listen to: LittleDrummerBoy  [Jem with special helpers] 4 Songs featuring the seyfangs … Continue reading

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Beetroot too dangerous for subway

This is priceless! Maybe they need some training?

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Where the hell did that week go?

I just noticed my last post here was over a week ago!  Man, time flies when yer doing audio.   Subscribe to

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YOU wish ME a Merry (LongTail) Christmas

Here is your personal Christmas card from the Seyfang Family – Mike, Mandy, Jamie and Jemma. Tell us you care by linking to this post! Artwork by my mate Tony ‘The Albino’. you like this – add him to … Continue reading

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RSS Tutorial – RocketBoom Nov 10

According to RocketBoom, November 10 was RSS day. They put together a nifty little video tutorial on using RSS for newbies. Check it out, tell your friends.

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LongTail background information

If you want to know what the ‘LongTail’ is check these links: Wikipedia definition – Start here (geeks: network effect, bayesian network) LongTail Blog – Great blog with nice diagram (used below) My LongTail delicious tag – Follow my ongoing … Continue reading

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My Princess at Singerama

My little princes sang up a storm at her school performance tonight!Have a listen.I’m so proud.

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