CONNECTING to people behind the BLOGs

I’m beginning to see a theme emerging, but I’m too fecking tired to explain it properly.  It’s about connections and it goes something like this…

I drove all the way from Adelaide to Melbourne to have lunch with James
and Cameron Reilly, then join them for dinner with some other
‘web2.0 entrepreneurs’.

This was my first experience of meeting people I’ve been ‘reading’
(connected to via RSS).  It was really quite empowering!  I
think I understand why people do, and write about ‘geek dinners’ and
‘blog conferences’.  There really are people behind those blogs,
and like all human beings we need to be connected. 

Anyway, stay tuned for an update to this post and the LearnDog blog
when by brain wakes up.  Methinks ‘CONNECTION’ is the word I have
been searching for…

Dave the LifeKludger explains it better here.
LearnDog will wrestle with the idea here.
James Farmer amplifies it here.


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