Has Microsoft figured out Web2.0?

Bill seems to think so.

I bloody hope so! – but I’m not YET convinced. I do, however, detect a
whiff of something profound beginning waft from the blogosphere around
yesterday’s ‘Live Software’ announcements.

The strongest indicator for me is Frank Arrigo’s post ‘It’s 1995 all over again, but this time it’s Live‘. And if Frank detects déjà vu, I’m excited!

So Andy and Kirk, pay attention! (the words Profound, Platform and Web2.0 are about to be uttered in close proximity).

There is a ton of commentary as memeorandum runs hot on the windows/office live meme. No wonder Robert Scoble needs a few days off!!

< – – – – – – –     long, boring stuff follows    – – – – – – – – >

Here is some background for any of you who haven’t spoken with me in the last month or three:

Since leaving Microsoft around 6months ago, I have been immersing
myself in the ‘Web2.0’ world, thanks to a tip from my buddy Daniel
McPherson. For the last three months many a person will have heard me
say ‘Microsoft turned on a dime when it figured out the Internet
(Web1.0) back in 1995 – they will do it again when they figure out what
to do with Web2.0’. As a stock holder I got a little bit excited when I
heard the Longhorn heart RSS stuff from Gnomedex2005. Yesterday Scoble
got my attention with the post ‘Microsoft talks about its new services strategy
which I started reading for all the wrong reasons (since I used to work
in Microsoft Services). I signed up for live.com and started tinkering
in firefox on my Mac – underwhelming.

Then while catching up on
my RSS feeds last night I caught a glimpse that something big might be
unfolding – lots of confusion and contradictory commentary on what
happened – crashed demos, lame cross platform site, first step in a new
direction, possibly even the rudder on good ship MSFT swinging. Finally
I read that Frank feels like its 1995 all over again and the penny
dropped for me!

The good ship Microsoft is a tad heavier than
she was in 1995 but make no mistake – something big might just be
beginning to happen here. What could be more PROFOUND than Microsoft figuring out how to deliver the power of its software PLATFORM in a WEB2.0 kinda way?

Bill, Steve(s), you have my attention!


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