(Un) Conference -> Camp -> (Un) Camp?

Living in sleepy hollow (a.k.a.) ‘Sunny Adelaide’ in the middle of the big brown land makes it really hard to physically get to events.  When I worked for MSFT I could avoid overseas travel by tuning into events from Seattle using my high speed internet connection and a VPN tunnel.

I love UN-Conferences like Gnomedex et al, and thrive on podcasts of hi quality events from all over the world. 

Now we see a trend toward ‘Camps’ and I’m faced with the same distance related issues.  I would love too hook up with Ben and the dudes at the LongTail BBQ/Camp in Melbourne but I just can’t justify the travel.

So here’s the challenge dudes – see if you Web2.x savvy hacker types can cobble together a single RSS feed of information coming out O yer little gathering.  That’d be nice.


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