Recognition for Beth

My mum is more cleverer than google and an rss aggregator.  She loves to bring pages from local newspapers folded strategically.  Last night she brung one from the Advertiser:


PM’s award to Microsoft The Advertiser, 08-11-2005, Ed: 1 – State, Pg: 035, 86 words , FEATURES

UNIVERSITY of SA graduate Beth Worrall has accepted a Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnership. The award was to Microsoft, where Ms Worrall works as community affairs manager. Microsoft won for its support of WorkVentu…

Beth is one under-rated clever cookie within Microsoft, and due to my own talent spotting genius I can claim a STRONG AFFINITY with this Prime Minister’s Award 😉
Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog

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2 Responses to Recognition for Beth

  1. Beth says:

    Wow! Thanks Mike! I feel like a minor celebrity. I flatter myself that I’d at least make the D List now :-)I am glad you feel affinity to this award, as I feel affinity to this wonderful Blog.Would you like to come to our Community Conference? 12-13th December!

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