Hey [Joe] Cam – Who’s this?

Hey Cameron!

So, you think the LongTail bringing back ‘self entertainment’ (ie
singing round ye olde piano) is better than the mindless shite on TV?

Then listen to this shout out from a mystery guest.

Who’s the guest Cam?

p.s. – If the response is interesting then I might just release the
full version of ‘Hey Cam’ and ‘Sweet Pod in Time’ as an Anniversary
pressie for gday world. This post would be less effective without the
digital identity that is your blog.


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2 Responses to Hey [Joe] Cam – Who’s this?

  1. Christopher Blake says:

    Don’t know who it was but it would have sounded better on a Mesa Boggie Amp… 😉

  2. cameronreilly says:

    hehe ok, i have no idea, but give me the whole version and I’ll add it into the anniversary show!

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