Attention, Recognition now Gestures

Just when I thought I had figured out Steve Gillmor and his efforts to shape the emerging attention economy and applied it to the LearnDog vision for helping kids through recognition, I stumble over this:

GestureBank by ZDNet‘s Steve Gillmor — A few nights ago a few of us were gathered together by Yahoo to preview some new RSS tools. As is customary at these events, the Yahoo executives chatted us up. Scott Gatz, the company’s lead RSS guru, refused to tell me what the announcement was about until I pointed out the press release I’d […]

Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog


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One Response to Attention, Recognition now Gestures

  1. Dave says:

    Geez man….that post by Steve on Gestures is *stunning*….there’s stuff in there around context, remixing, mashing, inverse attention/recognition relationships (ref powerpoint graphs)….more food for thought…(as if I needed it)Of course marketisation/commercialisation seems to be the underlying outcome, if not driver. The challenge will be to see how to harness/piggyback on this for community good.Dave

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