LifeKludger’s Subversive Mashup

Back on Nov 25 Cam had a little rant on gday world that referred to yours truly – you can listen to it here.  A few days later, David Wallace (aka the LifeKludger), made this little mashup of Cam’s rant and a song from called ‘winter in Melbourne’.

Cam’s rant talks about his plan to recruit people to help his work with
‘the forgotten’ – people who live below the poverty line.  In a
rather subversive way, Dave reminds us that the disabled are often the
forgotten part of ‘the forgotten’! 

I think Dave has achieved exactly what I hope lots of kids will
discover – that you can have a voice through blogging, podcasting,
web2.0, things that don’t yet exist.
Way to go LifeKludger.

Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog


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