Gig2 – Last Night – The Milton Experiance

Last night’s gig by the Milton Experiance:

Listen HERE.
More Piccies HERE.

MiltonExperianceGigs-SoundsOfSummer 055-band

The Milton Experience, at The Underground, Waymouth Street, Adelaide (opposite the new Advertiser building), from 7pm on Saturday December 10 (yes, we know, it’s also on the same day). A three-band bill at the unlicensed, all-ages venue – also including Violet Town and The Pink Zookeepers. The Miltons will be handing out their new CD of songs recorded in their own Wholesale Meat studios; entry is $6 – and for $10 you get the CD as well. Miltons are headlining and should be on stage after 9.30pm.

miltonsummergigs miltonsummergig1 yac

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