Microsoft Unlimited Potential Conference

I just got back from two days in Sydney, where I made a small
contribution to the Microsoft Unlimited Potential (UP)
Conference.  What a humbling, challenging and potentially
empowering experience.
Let me start by thanking Beth Worrall and Frank Arrigo for allowing me to attend and contribute.
The purpose of this post is to direct you to information about the conference, especially if you are new to blogging.  So here are some links, in ascending order of technical sophistication:
o Frank’s post about his ‘online communities’ talk
o LearnDog’s post on the day of the talk
o The Microsoft UP Community portal
o A technorati search that will show any blogs that refer to ‘UpConf2005’
o An RSS feed of a technorati watchlist for ‘UpConf2005’ that you can subscribe to
brain is spinning with great ideas that I will have to blog about later
– connecting back to microsoft, using subversive technology &
techniques for good instead of evil, networking without
foreplay, infecting conferences with the
unconference gene and several others – so stay subscribed!
Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog


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