Voice from Toilet – LizardLounge Violence

I read something quite disturbing on a note stuck to a toilet cistern
while at a gig for my son’s band the other night. More interesting than
the distressed tone and disturbing allegations of police violence was
the list of bands involved. One of the bands – Bad Taste – have been
fantastic mentors for my son’s band. So much so, that their lead singer
– Max – arrived to show support for his gig that night.

I took the opportunity to ask Max what happened at the Lizard Lounge – LISTEN to what he said.

There are some PHOTOS HERE, including readable text on the ‘large’ image size.

ToiletTrouble2MiltonExperianceGigs-SoundsOfSummer 027



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One Response to Voice from Toilet – LizardLounge Violence

  1. Jesye says:

    why hello mikey, ive decided to call ya mikey caus i think its a lil cooler then mike, hope thats cool…while i was checking your space out i noticed not many people have commented so i thought id do so…umm dont know what to say…you like stuff? i sure do…stuff keeps me entertained, stuff keeps the world spinning…around around around and around the world goes haha im ganna piss off now caus its getting a lil too stupid for me liking toodles

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