ConnectingUp2006 – interesting coffee today

Doug and Steve from CISA bought
me coffee today.  We talked about making their connectingup2006
conference interesting – in the UnConference sense.  We agreed
some pre, during and post conference conversations in weblogs and
podcasts would be a good start.
This post is intended to show and example of what we would like people to do – blog about the conference using the tags ‘connectingup2006’ and ‘connectingup’.
We could then put an rss feed of this technorati watchlist on the conference site.
I’m hoping both Steve and Doug will read this and make their own blog
posts with pointers to the conference web-site and info on submissions
for papers etc…

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One Response to ConnectingUp2006 – interesting coffee today

  1. Unknown says:

    Discovered this what a wonderfull thing google is. Pictures from the first Connectingup back in 2004

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