Turkey Journal – Christmas 2005

Yep, its that time again. I dug out my trusty hardcopy turkey journal in preparation for tonight’s family feast. Mandy and I were awoken this morning by our burglar alarm – set off by Deano bringing this years fowl and part of the required cooking apparatus. Looks like we are set for the whole frickin catastrophe this year!

Will update this post during the day with progress reports and excerpts from the hardcopy journal.

7:50am – Burglar alarm awakes household as bird arrives.
10:30am – First glimpse of winged fowl
12:01pm – Buy baster and Thermometer
2:30pm – Vince beats me to photos
2:45pm – First batch o photos
3:00pm – Light the wick (note Greenhill CFS beer holder!)
3:15pm – Weigh bird – 5.3kg (=> 2.5-3hrs with 35 heatbeads per side in webber)
3:30pm – Trouble with firelighters
4:30pm – Salt/Lemon/Flour/Oil (temp = 300f by deanos lid)
4:45pm – IN BBQ

6:45pm – Baste/Turn over (still raw in foil tray)
7:00pm – Swap webbers – to deanos which is hotter, no tray
7:45pm – Nearly – 160f breast
8:00pm – 160-180 (Breast to Leg)
8:15pm – SHIT – the natives are getting wrestless (and pissed)
8:30pm – OUT / Set / Carve
10:00pm – Looks crap, tasted great.
Somewhat pissed – goodnight.

As always thanks to the NTF (National Turkey Federation – of the USA of course)



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3 Responses to Turkey Journal – Christmas 2005

  1. Vince says:

    Way to go Mike! My culinary skills get put to the test in about 3 hours from now. We have an 8 Kilo bird and I am going to do it in the Webber. I will most likely brown it up in the oven tomorrow morning. We are feeding my workshop volunteers tomoorow and the poor buggers are a bit of a bunch of desperados (albeit extremely giving guys). Boxing day is cricket, beer, and somehow trying to feed and entertain the parents (Wendy has a role to play here LOL).I will keep an eye on your progress. Good luck!

  2. Vince says:

    Wow! All that drama for a chook! That’s a mighty diverse set of people you have attending. Did they come to bless the chook?

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