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Upgrading – offline for a few (more) days

Hey folks,wondering why I’m not appearing on skype, msn etc?wanna know why I don’t appear to be reading e/mail??why I haven’t posted for several days?? well the answer is I started upgrading my latptop on Thursday (in the heat!) and … Continue reading

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My cool new homepage thanks to this list of cool web2.0 stuff      

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Jamies band makes top 10 at

How cool is this – my son’s band hits the charts for the first time!Planning my retirement already…UPDATE – Here is the link:

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Day Cancelled – Its just TOO HOT

Im cancelling the rest of the day – it is just too hot to work (or sleep) in my house.  It is 40+ degrees (nearly 110 F), sticky and just plain nasty.  Im hot, bothered, tired and irritable. See you … Continue reading

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ConnectingUp the dots to Nten via NetSquared

OK,I’m beginning to see some patterns emerge as I start preparing my Blogging and Podcasting work for the ConnectingUp2006 conference here in Adelaide in May.  Now that we have Doug and Steve from CISA starting to blog, I can see … Continue reading

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Connecting UP – James, Dave n LearnDog

  eb_firstconf    Originally uploaded by dnwallace. Yesterday,James Farmer, David Wallace and I ‘connected up’ to start planning our assult on the ConnectingUp2006 (or cu06) conference. We had a nice long skype conference to figure out a way to attack … Continue reading

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Chapman Stick on No Idle Frets podcast

Andy Delin – I hope you are paying attention.  You should subscribe to the No Idle Frets (Jazz Guitar) podcast.  At the very least, check out todays show which has a piece played on CHAPMAN STICK. EnjoyFang – Mike Seyfang … Continue reading

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Why DRM is broken

Have Dave Slusher ( in my left ear making some good points about the fact that DRM ‘working’ is the exception (in a universe of things that conspire against it). He’s right, Iv’e experienced it for the last time and … Continue reading

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RealTime windspeed via phone for top SA Windsurfing spots

For a Boggy Lake Wind report, call 0403 914 641   Last week I discovered and subscribed to a wonderful service – a mobile phone number that you ring and a little voice tells current windspeed and direction from Boggy … Continue reading

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Why windsurf with a gps?

I was cruising Boggy Lake on my windsurfer with this dude who had a waterproof GPS.  Every time we stopped he would let me know our maximum speed and how far we had sailed.  I thought that was mildly amusing … Continue reading

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