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I tried to leave a comment for LLOYD on his new blog (but the ‘say it’ button was inactive).
So, LLOYD, here is my comment:
I totally agree with your statement "We have the nouse, we have some great people with great ideas, and our needs often differ from our northern hemisphere counterparts, but to date this area hasn’t been taken seriously".
I had a bit to do with a fairly successful collaboration between Microsoft and the South Australian Government around Innovation in a past life.  I suspect that my experience and influence could be helpful to what you are trying to do.  Let me know if I can help.
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2 Responses to CRC’s & Innovation

  1. Dave says:

    Mike. Comments on Lloyds blog. No go in IE ok in FF for me. Possibly javascript related. If your using FF on your new install, try updating  java runtime from Sun in FF.Also see post on blob re enableblogs beginnings for link to CRC PDF pamphlet.

  2. Vince says:

    Hi Mike. I have the same problem with Lloyd’s blog. I am therefore adding a comment here in the hope that you will guide Lloyd to it.
    Vince writes:
    It’s great to see some more activity on this front. I wish you well Lloyd.
    TADWA specialises in providing innovative technology solutions for people with disabilities. One classic example is our "Beach Trekker". There is a post on my blog!A7A3242F23E3EA41!177.entry with a link to the ABC New Inventor’s segment last year. We did happen to make the grand final and were mighty proud to do that. We work pretty closely with the ILC in Perth particularly when dealing with new Computer Loan Service applications where assistive technology is required. Our team has a reputation of working "outside the square" so to speak. I am sure the guys would be interested in developments with your project and could probably provide some pretty healthy input.

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