Odeo studio – three minute limit

Yesterday Dave the LifeKludger and I used the Odeo Studio to create a podcast (audio record, publish via RSS) from a web-browser.  The experience was oh so cool that we immediately thought of using this as a platform for a project we are working on.  Trouble is, there seems to be a three minute limit to recording audio this way.

Searching blogs and the help.odeo.com knowledgebase didnt give us any clues.We wanna know:

Is there a way to record more than three minutes audio with Odeo Studio?

(even if we need to pay for a ‘premium service’ it would be worth it)


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One Response to Odeo studio – three minute limit

  1. Dave says:

    Nice post. If we don’t get any joy we ought to contact them directly I reckon.Seems our horizontal epistles had pops and clicks – see comments here.Dave

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