Talking about Wiring the Web

Another profound post from Ray Ozzie.

Read the whole post, check the screen cast and sample website links at the end.

Keep an eye on technorati for the buzz about this and other things presented at eTech over the next few days.


Wiring the Web

Today at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference, I’m sharing this new concept – through a brief demo and through hallway discussion.
I call this new concept Live Clipboard, because we view “live” efforts as those providing users with seamless end-to-end scenarios that “just work” by weaving together the best of software and the best of services.
The Concept Development team has created a screencast of a Live Clipboard demo, and a simple web page-based demo that you can play with.  Hopefully this will convey more vividly some of what I’ve attempted to explain above.


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One Response to Talking about Wiring the Web

  1. Dave says:

    Was just reading about that…and looking for videos, thanks.Funny seeing MS using Firefox for a demo.Watching the clipboard demo reminded me of Hypercard!(Wonder what they used to create those screen demos?)Dave

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