My beloved TypeR for sale – tell your friends

More photos here:

My baby

This week has been a big one for my beloved (#237) TypeR Honda Integra (the last of the real whizzy ones Honda did – not the sissy current shape thing they now sell as SType). Firstly, she had her last service on Wednesday and Secondly, Jamie turned 16 yesterday. This means it is time to swap over to a more versatile shopping trolley for learner drivers.

So tell your friends – someone is going to get an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!
Asking prices range from low to high 20k.

Mine has only done 45,000km (you know the drill, was too busy when working for MSFT).  Will post more info, pictures etc over the weekend.  Have even more (including close-ups of all damage sustained in her only two accidents – both in our narrow driveway!!)

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